Learning from Mistakes

My big art mistake of the weekend took a half day and could have been prevented by doing a sort of patch test. That hald day could have been spent painting, watching Season 3 of Fargo, or playing Stardew Valley. I'm in my 30s and should know that one should always do a patch test. 

My magnets are selling well at the ArtsMarket, so I wanted to make more to bring over this coming week. I had a beautiful piece of heavy art paper that was ruined from a bad print run. Being the reuser, reducer and recycler that I am, I thought I'd print on the reverse side for my magnets. Instead of delving into the details (you can see where this is going), I printed enough for 30 magnets, mounted them, trimmed them, and coated them all in resin. I covered the beauties in a huge box to keep them dust and cat hair free. When I uncovered them the next day, the resin had soaked through the paper, as it does, and the backside print was revealed. I was left with a big stack of ruin, but 13 useable magnets. Not too bad for a learning well learned.   See my shippable magnetrs and my disaster below!