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my lunchbox is hopping poetry book cover by Erin Mercer

My Lunchbox Is Hopping & Other School Poems

Discover a silly, fun, and at times touching collection of school-themed poems for beginner readers.

Using simple vocabulary and intuitive rhyme and rhythm, these poems address everything from writing tests to hiding in the bathroom!

Written by Kalli Dakos

hide and seek wild animal groups in north america book cover

Hide and Seek: Wild Animal Groups in North America

Dive into the beauty of nature and discover more about the amazing animal groups of North America in this find-the-hidden-picture book by Caroline Fernandez.

Find the butterfly and other unique animals in each page and learn more about the fauna of our continent.

Written by Caroline Fernandez

grandma and grandpa's adventures: on the road book cover

Grandma and Grandpa’s Adventures: On the Road / Sur la route

Grandma and Grandpa are always up for some fun. However, they often manage to get into trouble! In the book On the Road, two grandparents who are eager to visit their grandchildren set out on a road trip that proves to be far more difficult than planned. A bilingual book in both English & French.

Written by Esther Murris

grandma and grandpa's adventures: in the wild book cover

Grandma and Grandpa’s Adventures: In the Wild / Dans la nature

Grandma and Grandpa are always up for some fun! However, they often manage to get into trouble. In the book In the Wild, Grandma and Grandpa are taking their grandkids on a camping trip. Grandpa faces wild animals, leaking canoes, and a bear family’s concert. They will surely have the best camping trip ever! A bilingual book in both English & French.

Written by Esther Murris

our farm in the city book cover

Our Farm in the City

Dive into this uniquely Canadian poetry book and explore the wonders of a farm in the middle of a busy city. A gem in the heart of Canada’s Capital, the Central Experimental Farm has enchanted visitors for more than a century. Surrounded by the city, this internationally acclaimed centre for agricultural research is a lush oasis of grain-filled fields, barnyard animals, spectacular gardens and the arboretum

Written by Kalli Dakos

hug-it-out: a lil haggadah for kids book cover

Hug-It-Out: A Lil Haggadah for Kids

A wonderful, vibrantly illustrated companion Haggadah for kids! It follows two adventurous characters – Annie and Arnie – as they prepare, enjoy, and sing their way through their Passover Seder! Page for page with The Haggadah, Hug-It-Out is anchored by a strong commitment to tradition, with an infusion of inclusivity, kindness, and acceptance.

Written by Pearl and Maxie Richman

recess in the dark book cover

Recess in the Dark

A unique collection of poems that offers a new perspective on how students live in the Canadian North, where the sun doesn’t shine for a long part of winter. This anthology, inspired by kids in the Northwest Territories, comprises silly, quirky, mysterious, and reflective poems brought to life by stunning illustrations of Canada’s natural beauty

Written by Kalli Dakos

nothing can stop me book cover

Nothing Can Stop Me!

Matt is a boy diagnosed with diabetes just days before a championship hockey game. During his stay at the hospital, he learns how to live with the disease, but will the doctor let him go in time for the big game? And will he ever be able to play hockey again? All proceeds from the book will support our Diabetic Hope Foundation Athletic Scholarship Fund for secondary students living with diabetes.

Written by Bobby Pasternak